Sergio Martin: I, recommend Andreas Akesson as a consultant or employee. Andreas has contributed to the growth of Adform Spain, particularly focused on Enterprise business. He has always behaved as per Adform´s guidelines. His attitude has always been positive. I am happy to recommend Andreas for any position within the digital marketing industry, particularly position in Sales and Customer facing roles.

Cyril Gaitte : Commercial Director at Criteo "Andreas has been a tremendous asset to help our company grow the Spanish Market. With a true sense of business, an extensive portfolio and a great personality on top, he managed to get us connected to a wide range of internet industry players. His natural energy and positive attitude make every day always nice and efficient!"

Martin Kogan CEO Headway Digital. "Andreas was fundamental in Headway´s expansion into Europe. As an industry veteran he understands the do´s and dont´s and was very quick executing our plans. A Smart and lovely guy, I would always be grateful for his time within Headway´s team".

Eric Urdahl : Vice President , Sales Director, "We hired Andreas to set-up and develop madvertise Spain as the Interim Country Manager. Andreas was responsible for building and executing the business plan for a six-month period. During the rollout phase Andreas not only introduced madvertise to all relevant media-agencies and media buyers in the Spanish digital advertising market, he also was involved in Marketing and PR initiatives, as well as recruiting sales staff for our Madrid office. Andreas always was highly committed to our project and great to work with. Thanks to his efforts we have a fully up-and running local entity and a well established brand in Spain. I can highly recommend Andreas to any digital business owner looking for a professional business accelerator in Spain"


Fil Guijarro, Head of International Sales : "I have had the chance to work with Andreas on major market entry projects. What I could observe is that Andreas is a hyper-connected individual in the digital and the adtech space. Doors sway wide open when Andreas taps decision makers in the intent to introduce a worthy product or service. Andreas is as strategic and structured as he is charismatic - a solid catalyst for business development"

Manuel Puig , Sales Manager , Barcelona : Working in "the Bunker" during almost two years has been one of my most pleasant experiences in my working carreer. Andreas helped us with all the necesary logistical tools in order to launch Spotify on the Catalan market and we have always felt like at home. Not only that we have also shared idees, knowledge, experiences"

Gerardo Cabañas : Country Manager "I have worked with Andreas for more than one decade. He was empoyed at Autoscout24 until he left to start his own company. During all that time he has contributed to the developement and growth of our company with his fully-proven experteese in marketing and online solutions. He's a reliable and trustfull business partner"

Andres Fernandez Longa : Marketing Director. "Andreas has been able to understand the needs, particularities and opportunities of our business extremely fast and accurately. Andreas and his team ware able to generate quality, quantity and cost effective buyers for our e-commerce start-up and thus have been an active part of our success".

Heinz Laumann , Marketing Director. "I engaged AIC in Spain. Andreas was running virtually all Online Marketing activities for FriendScout24 in Spain very successfully against Meetic and 
Andreas is an extraordinary person. He is very professional, always optimistic and never in a bad mood"

Diana Palomares (Lead Generation)  "I met Andreas when he was at AIC, helping with our SEM at Regal Insurance Club. In 2004, when Regal started e-commerce, about 2% of the policies were sold online. This was when AIC started collaborating with us. In 2008, it had rose to about 20%. Andreas is one of the best SEO-SEM professionals I've ever met. He tought me how SEO-SEM could be managed easily and efficiently. He is a very skilled professional and an extremely proactive person. He is also very well connected and known, to the extent that, he has a keen sense of what is going on-line and which are the tendances, I highly recommend him. " 

Rupert Schaefer : International Director. "Andreas is a very professional and experienced person to work with! We worked together on several projects - all with very good outcome"

Albert Climent - entrepreneur Gaming Industry "Andreas is an Enterpreneur, business-oriented, amazing common sense, and always an eye on the big picture. That combined with a great knowledge of client and provider needs in the online industry..."

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