What do you NEED?

It’s fascinating how much effort we put into the concept on HOW TO SELL, when it actually boils down to one simple question:


“What do you NEED?”


The skill is not to spend time explaining with long power point presentations on what you have, because people are simple. They really only care about what serves to them. Call it Egocentric or whatever, but if you want to make profitable business then it’s important to listen as much as you can.


Basically that is the reason why I love programmatic Media. It cuts the bla bla talk into something simple. My sales meetings only evolve around one basic question. “Sir, what are your online marketing NEEDS?”


In online marketing the reply usually is straight to the point; “Mr. Sales guy, all I need is to grow in sales revenue with a controlled CPA*”.


Again, I point out that my job is very easy so my reply will always be; “Sir, lets do the following. I will insert a transparent pixel (it’s a little code that serves to confirm if a person finally completed the sale process on a web page) in your check out page in your web, we bid a price on each individual advertising impression offered in any supply channel (we trade on ALL mayor adexchanges**) in order to see if the advertising that you invest in us, will be profitable to you. What to you think?”


Any CMO or CFO would jump from the chair because a method where advertising money invested, converts to REAL sales and in REAL time is what any CMO or CFO NEEDS!!


So is programmatic media with RTB technologies *** magic and a pure money making machine? The answer is obviously NO. If a campaign will work out or not is based on two important factors.


1) I was about to say, due to sophisticated technology but to be honest. The technologies out there are actually pretty much the same. If things work out well is due to a team of Campaigns Optimizers, Media Traders, Data analysts and Campaign Managers. 

Also for a DMP to analyze the traffic source and apply this information on consumer behaviors and NEEDs in Media buying (http://www.folq.biz/articles-blog/what-do-you-need/)

2) More important. How good the advertisers PRODUCTS are (any aspect of the 4 marketing Ps - product, price, placement, promotion). We cannot, even if we have the best tech and experts, turn shit into gold.

In programmatic Media, the ratio of success if very high because companies that we deal with are very well prepared selling products online.


To sum up, my question to ALL of you is;


“What are your online marketing NEEDS”?


If it’s NOT about improving sales and making money, then I rather spend my time with another customer.


Right now we are in the process of finding the right Sales Executives that knows how to listen to our customers and partners. If you are up to the task, contact me at andreas@folq.biz or follow @folQ_DigitalAds

*CPA (Cost per acquisition)
**an Adexchange is a place where any publisher or traffic source can expose their IAB displays. The way their traffic inventory is purchased is by the highest bid (just as a note, traffic inventory can also be reached by PmPs (Private Market Places) or SSPs (Self Served Platforms)
***RTB is Real Time Bidding where a advertising buyer bids for each and every individual impression.


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