My parents often asked. “Son, what do you do for a living?” I try to explain, and many times for a long period with detailed examples, and in some way I believe that they sort of got the picture. Then I overhear a conversation with them trying to explain to their friends on what I do. They proudly and in a confident manner confirm that their son is working with computers.

My parents are so important to me so I really just accept the fact that they believe that I am working in the computer sector.

I will however in this post try to explain what I do in a simple manner.

Never really thought about it before, but the work environment where I dedicate my professional life, is probably a direct effect of a Globalized World.

My clients are from anywhere around the globe and they contact me to help them sell their products! Usually they offer intangible goods without hassle in logistics or cross border complications.

A good example would be GAMES. Did you know that the software Gaming industry turns around more money than the glamorous world of Movie Pictures? Companies like Gameloft or King, never heard about just five years ago sell for billions a year.

So where do I come into the picture? Well these companies that sell through web or mobile pages or APPs need to attract users. One important & traditional channel has always been through MEDIA companies & various advertising techniques.

How did it work then? You picked up the phone and asked their traditional Media Buying company to work on a media plan and purchase the most adequate placement of ads. No one really knew how the result would end up. With some efficient tracking tool more or less you would be able to calculate how well the campaigns performed. Usually the metric tools were found in the financial departments and their account statements.

So what do I do different? Thanks to private and open MEDIA Marketplaces (usually called AdExchanges), any traffic source can offer its media inventory. Our buying technology platforms (called a Demand Side Platform, DSPs) can place individual bids in purchasing MEDIA based on multiple targeting criteria’s such as audience, devices, geo targeting, formats, content, etc. However, where the ad is placed is not the only important element. The ad can be bought at an individual unit price in REAL TIME and always showing the clients REAL RESULTS.

We can even target people that visited a concrete offering, but that for some reason decided not to purchase at that time. This technique is called Retargeting and is very efficient because anyone having worked in sales know that you need to knock on the same door a few times before the OK for a purchase is finally made.

This TRADING has no frontiers, no hassle, no middle men. Just a pure and clean market and a money making machine for advertisers looking for Direct Response whether it is in terms of APP downloads, registrations, purchasing of goods or simply a phone call to a call center.

This perfect MARKET PLACE has just begun its TRADING, whereas technologies now are starting to classify and bundle audience groups and sell it straight to the advertisers (Its called Data Mangement Platforms, DMPs). For instance it is possible for an advertiser to buy audience that has the intent to buy a car, audience that’s made several purchases in a ecommerce shop, or audience that are VISA purchasers.

Since the world clearly is getting more and more digital, this market does no more than to grow. This is an opportunity for any company that wants to commercialize their products or services on a Global basis.

Just be aware, and it’s just a fact. A product offered on the internet needs to be good and unique. There are many places for a consumer to get product information online so having said this, I please advise anyone with a product without a true value for consumers to not even try us.

In Barcelona we operate our Headway Digital EMEA “CLIENT HUNTING” department. If you feel to be part of this new MEDIA sector, you truly feel international, and want to join us just send me a mail to see what it can lead to.

We love to TRADE on a GLOBAL scale!!


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