Living in Barcelona the sea is part of our lives. The blue Mediterranean sea with all of its magic. As a keen Sailor I often head out to explore the sailing conditions in an area that stretches from Cap de Creus, Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza, Columbretes, Delta de Ebro. We usually sail out for a period between 24 - 48 hours without a special destination. We just say, "Lets see where the wind takes us".

One might believe that sailing in the Mediterranean sea is easy & calm, but in fact its not. Usually the winds change rapidly and the waves are sharp and steep making sailing a challange.

Last weekend there was no exception to the rule. From a nice cruze suddently the wind moved up to force 5-6. Unfortunatly it was a hard blow to the main jib. It just wripped in no time. We took it down and we put two reefs in the main sail. Very comfortable indeed.

The idea was to head toward a safe harbor in order to change sails. We tried to sail as far north as possible, but without a jib it was just tough. It took us about 5 hours to sail a distance of 5 sea miles in reaching Torredembarra harbour.

This is when I suddently felt how similar this feeling is when one accelerate an international proyect into new markets. I have done it many times before, but each time it seems as we get no where, and things just go very slow and its tough. These are the moment when you have to practice to use the mind wisely. Time should not be the priority. The priority is rather to avoid any damages and just be consistent in moving forward. Do not think how nice it will be at the harbour but try to enjoy the beauty in the power of the waves and wind while you are sailing. Also make sure to keep the crew happy. Tell a joke and keep sailing.

In doing so, then suddently, just as when the first mayor deals get signed, you feel the calm in a safe harbour. The time to celebrate, enjoy the peace, and recover. Change sails, get some food and rest for an hour.

Then there is not more time to waist, heading out again from the safe harbour to head north against wind and waves for another 10 hours.

Its all in the mind. The waves, wind and the boat is all the same.

Please contact me, @folQ_digitalAds for exciting updates on jobs. We have choosen Barcelona as our main port for our  Operations.

Lets sail together!



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