No country for OLD MEN

Read an article! Said something like; "Silicone valley is not a place for professionals plus 45 years".

Time seems to pass by fast for any person and especially working in digital advertising. Let's say this, I can for sure be considered a fellow member of "the Rolling Stones of Internet" having starting my career selling my first banner back in 1996. Few years left for me in Silicon Valley in other words..

From 2003 to 2009 I lead my own performance online advertising agency, pulling strong on SEM and Yahoo search marketing with about 10 key account managers and trading volume at 5 million a year.

Display really never took off in terms of performance, having tried several formulas & partners. It came to a stage where we felt that the passion for our business had weakened. Google SEM was a great tool for performance but to rely on only one provider I felt as if we did not create enough value to our customers.

My business partner became a daddy and found more passion in the kitchen and is today working as a chef.

My kitchen on the other hand was still the digital advertising area and I started to offer assistance to talented internet entrepreneurs to roll out their offerings to the Spanish market with my brand name, folQ.

During those years I took a deep dive into the world of programmatic media and I discovered with my clients the value of trading with the Adexchanges.


Criteo would probably never be where they are today if they would not have understood the greatness of trading on the exchanges.

Madvertise one of the first mobile adnetworks struggled on a traditional module trying to get exclusivity deals with the publishers instead of building a suitable trading platform and go for the BiG traffic supply on the exchanges and offer real performance.

Stickyads, an online video adnetwork for premium publisher was more agile and were the first to build a specialized video adexchange platform & SSP to help publishers to trade their video inventory on programmatics. They are doing great!

Slowly it all became obvious and in my mind I mumbled; "If I only knew better back in 2010, then I would have introduced a DSP offering RTB & programmatic campaigns to my clients as well as my other online marketing services"

Last year in Buenos Aires I met up with two young entrepreneurs, Martin Kogan and Agustin Coll Founders of Headway Digital. These guys were very sure on how to move things forward. They clamed themselves to be programmatic media experts, trading with DSPs plus sophisticated DMPs for DATA audience targeting. Trading for plus 14 million USD / year with offices in 8 countries working with top advertisers and prestigious agencies with different needs I could do no more than to congratulate them. They were growing big time!

When Martin and Agustin asked me if I would be interested to help them to enter Europe I basically replied that I am too old for this!! (I had just become a father of twins)

This is when mental blockage and bad thinking should be replaced with focus on what really makes sense. 

Turning digital media trading from old thinking and handling in terms of bulk media buying, weak targeting option, and fixed pricing, to a method where you instead buy the correct ad placement, at the perfect audience target, at the right time and a price that convert your investment to great RESULTs was the BIG change.

It's a new digital advertisement era where we ALL; advertisers, DSP, Adexchanges. SSP, DMP and other programmatic key players are the builders to create the most sophisticated advertising buying & selling market ever!!

Digital advertising is a market where I have observed thousands of companies sell their products at a good price, grow their revenues and expand to new territories. This is what keeps us motivated and an "old guy" like me active :-) 

At Headway Digital it All comes together. We offer products in Mobile, Display, Video, Data, Social and we love to trade & perform great results for our customers! We trully are a Digital Advertising , One-Stop shop!

Right now I am looking for talented and enthusiastic international sales executives for our European office in Barcelona. Pls get in touch with me if you are up for it or if you know a suitable candidate. Ist gonna be a great programmatic ride!!


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