The media buying process in the Internet environment used to be pretty simple. Almost 100% of the Internet experience was based on web browsing (almost exclusively from the internet Explorer). Today we have multiple browsers & devises that can offer Internet access with complete different aims and features for the consumers. Any CMO needs to be in control in this BIG change, just as the Spanish brewery company Mahou San Miguel (FOOTNOTE 1) with their APP #FUTBOLMAHOU

The other day I was attending an inspirational presentation for a TOP Spanish Brand Advertiser, Mahou that aimed to promote an APP, not only for Smartphone usage but now also for the iWatch and other wearable’s. These are exciting times indeed! (eshow Madrid, 30 September 2015)

The objective of the campaign was to let the football fans from the Spanish Capital, Madrid keep track on the latest news of their football teams, thanks to Mahou´s APP; #FUTBOLMAHOU. The content is provided by TOP journalists from the biggest sports news group; RadioMarca.

The offering is innovative and unique in the sense that they offer the service on a multi devise concept and this time also for wearable’s in order for Mahou users to get the best possible user experience. The presentation was excellent and gave a clear notification to the market that the BRAND Mahou is adapting just as their consumers in the new digital age.

The presentation gave me inspiration to write about Cross Devise solutions in ad serving & tracking. (FOOTNOTE 2)

In order to target new devises, avoid duplications in serving ads or do manage sophisticated targeting options, a correct CROSS DEVISE PLATFORM in managing digital adserving is a very good thing.

Historically we are used to serving ads based on Cookie information with frequency capping. So what happens now when Mobile starts to get a higher penetration than any other devises and also now when our audience is starting to get rigged up with even more sophisticated devises? This is a challenge for the industry and not any technology provider are ready to offer this.

So why is it so important to consider the right cross devise platform in serving Ads?

First of all in campaigns we need to attribute for the right devise. In a browsing environment this has historically been used with simple pixel tracking. In mobile APP navigation, pixel implementation is not possible. In other words a single user is tracked on his Devise ID. The way ROI is calculated is more complicated with the development of new OS and devises.

Also correct CAPPINGS are of importance to avoid that too many ads are being exposed to one single user (please keep in mind because angry users can block ads).

The campaign as a branding experience also gets so much richer if we can play around with ads exposed on different devises.

In general with a cross devise platform when delivering ads will be of much more utility for the CMO and the most important thing that I try to communicate is that with the right TECH in place we can drop the fear and suspicion when testing new devises or formats. The CMOs will in other words get exited to try new things.

So how is cross devise recognition done? For publishers with a wide range of access points this is not that difficult, but if we want to scale the campaign for large BRAND advertisers how can this be done?

Technology is the key and the way to connect DATA points even more. Unique DATA info is usually driven from partnerships with multiple publishers based on login data. Also Mobile DATA providers are crucial in order to determine ID matches with Cookie information. There are also methods to determine users by algorithms and probabilities based browsing.

For large publishers like Facebook, they can start to find problems on cross devise due to the fact that the majority of users access their service exclusively on Smartphones. Therefore, the more partners and DATA sources that are matched the larger is the likelihood to make precise cross devise targeting. Assure that your Media Partner has technology that offer, not only DATA on users based on one devise but all relevant devises as of now and also for the future. Adaptation is key!

Also keep in mind that the Advertisers owns 1st party DATA that is a great source to build a sustainable recognition of users over cross devises.

Mostly of this clustering and understanding of users and their devise usage is centralized on a DMP, a piece of technology that will determine NOT only the devise the users prefer to access the internet, but also the work in classifying the users in different groups in order to do a more creative and precise audience targeting.

For more information on targeting based on DATA click on. DATA and now what?

Today and tomorrows “Internet of Things” (IoT) will put things in action and we will observe thousands of Internet entry points from users (almost unlimited sources). This will be a fact and therefore marketers need to be up to date on the best technologies available in order to avoid loosing track with the most valuable asset, which is the knowledge based on the user behavior and to act in REAL TIME promotional campaigns based on this.

The beer brewery Mahou SanMiguel has been very clever and fast in their digital adaptation and they offer their consumers a way to play football in a Digital environment, together with their favorite Brand, Mahou. This time through an APP and the new feature is to get the latest news from the football world related to their favorite team, through a wearable. A beautiful scenario and totally adapted in todays Mobile world where people constantly are “on the move” and the strategy behind Mahou once again is to adapt their BRAND in a world where the consumers have a hunger to discover new things in the digital world. This year 43,3 million smartwatches and SmartBands will be produced. There is no margin anymore for BRANDS to stand still; it’s the era of MOBILITY. Bravo Mahou!!

So why do I expose this story? Why is it important?

I believe that the reason why mobile took so long time in their adaptation in digital advertising promotions was that marketers where so focused on the old way of tracking and attributing around web browsing that they were scared of jumping into a new media.

Today there is no time for this. With IoT around the corner any CMO needs to have their Tech in place that is able to not only track on ANY DEVISE, but most important to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time and also on the right DEVISE. If this is not well tuned there will be a tremendous amount of money wasted on duplications, and general mistakes in buying decisions.

Please reach out to me if you would like to have more information on Cross Devise Platforms and Tracking., @folQ_digitalAds

FOOTNOTE 1: Mahou San Miguel a 100% family owned Spanish Company (founded in 1890) and the leader on the Spanish market (37%). Own important brands such as San Miguel, Mahou Cinco Estrellas, San Miguel Especial, Alambra Reserva 1925 and represent other international brands such as Carlsberg, Molson-Coors, Warsteiner and others.

FOOTNOTE 2 : This article is not a case study for Mahou. The Mahou presentation at the eshow is around the delivery of their futbol service in wearables, not adserving & tracking.  


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