Christmas Story through Cross Devise

What a perfect time of the year to tell a beautiful Christmas Story and on top, imagine this on Cross Devise and AdServed programmatically.

Whatever one does to communicate one thing to another person is in reality to tell a story (Storytelling). We all know that words only are perceptions equivalent on how each person receive them and how this trigger emotions. 

In Spain each year there is a Christmas lottery. To win a high Price in this lottery, making a significant life changer, is statistically equal to cero. It’s actually more likely that a lightning strikes you than actually winning something important. Despite this, people buy a ticket worth 20 euro.

If I walk up to one person saying, “buy this lottery! Its probably more likely that lightning strikes you than to win something, but you can potentially win a lot of money”, the perception of the wordings will trigger the following to a normal person; “lightning strikes me that does not happen to often”

The last Video for the 2015 lottery sends out a message that is done through a perfect storytelling and it’s beautiful.

(click on the image to start the Video)

Summary: Justino is a lonely guy, hard working and a good man. Justino works solo on long night shifts in a fabric manufacturing mannequins. The only contact that Justino has with the colleagues on the day shifts are through personal photos and items that are left on their work environment. Everyday Justino surprises his dayshift colleagues with something special that makes them feel good and happy. The dayshift colleagues sign up for the lottery and this Christmas they win. The surprise this time is from the dayshift colleagues to Justino. Without him knowing, they had bought the winning number to him as well!

What is your perception on the Spanish national lottery now and the chances of winning?

If all your colleagues buy the lottery and win, how does that make you FEEL?
Buying a lottery, could this actually make you FEEL a good person?
Could the ritual buying lottery make you FEEL part of something?

Normal people working in a fabric and winning lottery, well that could have been me!

This ladies and gentlemen is a great commercial storytelling! Lovely!

I am not the Media Planner for the Spanish Christmas Lottery, but if I had the chance my proposal would be to enrich the Storytelling by using Cross Devise functionalities & programmatic Media buying.

This is how I would do it!!

MOBILE devise is something that at a greater extent is used “on the walk”, while you go to work, after work, right when you wake up or go to sleep. The user penetration is huge, but advertisement engagement is pretty low.

On the contrary Desktop is usually used at work because the majority of office workers still access Internet through Desktop.

The video is pretty long, around 3 minutes of exposure. This usually is watched on special occasions when there is more time available. 

Strategy 1 (Awareness). Upper part of the sales funnel

  • Formats : Large High impact formats/Video/RichMedia
  • Inventory : RTB-Target: Spain, Devises: Tablets/Desktops/Mobile, Access to WiFi, BrandSafe, Age + 25, Automated Guaranteed with key Premium Publishers and/or Direct deals with Special Private Market Places (expose BrandDays) 

I would push the Awareness campaign on special moments such as during work hours or at home with WiFi connectivity, that assure the best possible view rates when the Ads are exposed to the users. The optimization process will be based on view rates and the aim is to collect as much Unique User ID data (both cookie and devise ID that will be combined through a DMP). 

The key message of the story is clear. Share the lottery experience with your colleagues & friends. In this case I would make a second campaign in the lower part of the sales funnel to trigger a campaign to people that had watched the campaigns during working hours. In this second campaign I would insert special features in the Ads that would give the option to a user to share with their colleagues & friends this lottery experience in order to make a listing of participants just as in the case of Justino and his colleagues on the day shift.

Strategy 2 - Participants (lower part of the sales funnel)  

  • DATA : Target 1st party collected from the campaign during work hours. Option: Collect external DATA of users that are considered professionals & office workers (audience "look alike").
  • Formats:  Interactive Videos and/or Richmedia where people would be able to share on SocialMedia or Emails the features to involve your colleagues.
  • Devises : Desktops/Mobile with Access on WiFi during work hours. Cross Devise functionalities in order to avoid duplications of impressions.
  • Optimization based on conversions in sharing with Colleagues/Friends

The last push, days before the lottery a final campaign would be launched. Its a short reminder directed to any person that viewed the video in the initial Awareness campaign to push in different devises a full size advert with a frequency one capping for each devise. The idea is to follow the user and target them on different devises.

Strategy 3 - Conversion and reminder

  • Tablets (night)/Desktop (work hours)/Mobile (on the walk)
  • Formats: Full Screen interstitials or (Simple IAB formats), the most adequate format for each given devise
  • Inventory : RTB , frequency 1 for each devise
  • Message; “The best way to celebrate christmas is by sharing”

The perfect option would be to optimize the campaign according to conversions based on christmas lottery purchasing´s. Its possible to buy a christmas lottery online, but in this case the aim would be BRANDING across the users ALL SCREENS.  

NOTE: Below a list of National Lottery APPs. For these type of services I would recommend a RETARGETING strategy on only Mobile IDs

The art of combining story telling, with modern digital advertising management tools applying Cross Devise and sophisticated targeting functionalities is possible. All it takes is :

A) method of being agile in creating formats (richmedia/htlml5). There are some very good platforms/studios to do very sophisticated productions in html5 & Video (VAST functions).

B) Cross Devise recognition tools + DMP (to define Unique ID definition)

C) Trading platform (DSP + Adserver). Make sure to choose a versatile platform that can integrate DATA (1st and 3rd party) and that allows direct deals and/or Automated Guaranteed (programmatic pre-bookings) 

D) Attribution and Tracking options for optimization (usually provided by the majority of Trading tools) and a full picture in attributing channels. 

The solution is there, its time to play programmatic!! 

I wish you a wonderful season and lets continue 2016 with lots of great storytelling.

For more info on Cross Devise. Adform

National Lottery APPs


ILoterias Lite - Resultados loteria y apuestas

Compra Loteria de Navidad

Loterias y apuestas SELAE

La Bruixa d'Or

Lector Loteria



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